Masturbation and You (and other people)

We’re always really surprised by the massive amount of misinformation floating around about masturbation. Crazy-false urban legends about all the bad stuff that will happen to you if you touch yourself kind of transcend every generation and culture. You’ll go blind, you’ll get acne, you’ll grow hair on the palms of your hands (gross).

And since most adults (and plenty of young people) masturbate, it’s not even like any of this negative propaganda is keeping masturbators down.

Here’s the thing about masturbation: lots of totally smart, savvy folks believe that, for one reason or another, masturbation is dirty, or dangerous, or unhealthy, or otherwise not good. And it’s just plain not true – masturbation has no health risks.

So we’re thinking about starting a collection of the wackiest and most totally untrue myths about masturbation. So far our favorite is the mistaken idea that masturbating too much will somehow “ruin you” for sex. As if learning what you like and how to have an orgasm won’t make you a smarter sexual partner!?! Have any silly masturbation falsehoods to contribute? Reblog and add yours!