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  1. androidmunemune answered: My crush on Jennifer was super important. Without that I would probably assume I was straight or asexual.
  2. forgettingregret answered: Best Friend
  3. hawkeyepancakes answered: My middle school karate instructor. Not only was he handsome, but he was the first non-related man to ever show me true kindness and respect.
  4. orkazoid answered: My best friend
  5. theonlyscreamingbanshee answered: my true love that i am with to this day
  6. nonnobissolum answered: carmen sandiego. the red jacket. the red hat. the knowing smile. i was a goner.
  7. kcdworld answered: I had soo many. But now I see the bullet I missed
  8. dreamingaboutthemoon answered: dylan dog ^^
  9. bicycleandukulele answered: Jonathan Brandis
  10. elysethegorgonqueen answered: Layne Staley was my first crush, and liking him introduced me to a bunch of great music, sooooo…
  11. alexieileen answered: I watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer since it came out when I was in 4th grade. My heart belonged to Angel (David Boreanaz). Siiiiigh.
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  13. jecrois answered: michelle obama!!
  14. henna-and-crayons answered: Adam during my exchange year in India. Because he gave me faith that there ARE intelligent guys who are in tune with their feminine side.
  15. elizaolivia answered: I now hate every one of my crushes, thanks for reminding me Planned Parenthood!
  16. am-buh answered: myself
  17. chingate answered: my professors - i did *really* well in their classes, just by virtue of trying to impress them
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