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  2. jeffygiraffe answered: Forgot a small anniversary, was talked to by my partner who was mildly upset and agreed to celebrate the next one with a meal out somewhere<3
  3. rotfrukter answered: I haven’t forgotten an anniversary. I don’t see them as that important though, I just go “wow, we’ve been dating for x amount of time! Yay!”
  4. dapperaxolotl answered: Neither my boyfriend nor I can remember exactly when we got together. Thus, an anniversary has never been celebrated.
  5. allofdapuns answered: the only time i forgot an anniversary, my sweetie told me the next day that we’d both forgotten the anniversary. it all worked out!
  6. everseeking answered: With us it goes like “We missed another one, happy 25th love.”
  7. littlejanelle answered: We BOTH forget our anniversary!
  8. 27teacups answered: is someone at planned parenthood fishing for ideas or what
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