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    I keep a few in each of my bags so when I pack my bags to go stay with my boyfriend, I won’t have to remember condoms :)
  3. create-love answered: in a bowl in a drawer
  4. goodbyetomysociallife answered: On my bookshelf, I have organized my boxes by expiration date.
  5. lava-is-soft answered: a mug with pictures of condoms printed on it :) I won it!
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  7. thesocialebrity answered: Cool place
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  9. kevichanatyourservice answered: top drawer under my socks in a plastic bag marked “special time”
  10. divinityphotography answered: In the drawer of my bedroom’s computer desk.
  11. inspirationalinteriors answered: in a bathroom drawer, room temperature or colder
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    Hopefully, not in your wallet for long amounts of time. That weakens them and makes them susceptible to tearing in the...
  13. awellfittedname answered: In a box under our bed. :)
  14. i-am-an-eucatastrophe answered: My husband and I keep them in a mason jar (no lid for easy grabbing) on the nightstand - his side of the bed.
  15. youcanalwayshavemorethannothing answered: In the original box on the top shelf of my closet, with one or two tucked between books on my headboard.
  16. ladymeag answered: I have a hide-a-bed couch with built-in storage - so right there and in the bedside table drawers.
  17. kimboweee answered: A drawer under my bed.
  18. brooklyn-marie answered: In a drawer by the bed, lol. Pretty cliche.
  19. samasaurus answered: an old jewlery box <3
  20. bottomofcolor answered: In my nightstand!
  21. lookingforaura answered: Mine are under the bed, his are in his guitar case.
  22. anulamou answered: In ‘that drawer,’ ya know, the one with the condoms and lube and vibrators and stuff.
  23. kawaiicicle answered: Boyfriend has a special drawer on his desk organizer~
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    I have seen this cupcake stand of condoms. It truly is a majestic thing. That said, it’s odd to know my good friend’s...
  25. greatsleepofblue answered: In my purse, like the responsible girl that I am!
  26. owlymaybe answered: A bowl on my living room table!
  27. stephbanana answered: A pretentious looking cookie jar my boyfriend and I picked out specifically for storing condoms.
  28. acelessthan3 answered: In a tacklebox with my lube and other sex toys.
  29. wounduppenguin answered: In a shoe box by my bed… I was surprised when my boyfriend knew my shoe size until he reminded me that he sees a reminder quite often.
  30. deliciousfriend answered: In the original box on my bedside table. No shame and easy access!
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    I keep mine in a large perfume gift set box, then I also have a small flip top box on my side table. While my boyfriend...
  32. sherlockedsabbi answered: I keep them in the box they came in and put them in my underwear drawer
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    Imma gonna do this
  34. gin-and-derision answered: Nightstand drawer.
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    fawn u r the greatest
  36. damegreywulf answered: I have what I call a “naughty drawer”
  37. pardonmybloomers answered: In the box they came in, tucked in a drawer in a room with constant temperature.

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