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Female ejaculation


Someone told us:

How do you make a girl squirt?

“Squirting,” or female ejaculation, is when a clear liquid is involuntarily released during an orgasm. The cause of female ejaculation used to be shrouded in mystery, but researchers now believe it to be caused by a build up of fluid released by the Skenes glands (which are located near the clitoris) during sexual excitement. 

You might be wondering if the majority of women ejaculate when they have an orgasm – the answer to that is no.  You might also be thinking that if she “squirts” it’s a better orgasm than if she doesn’t – also not true.  If you’re interested in it, you should start by asking her if she’s interested in or even cares about ejaculating – you might find it doesn’t matter to her at all, or even that she prefers not to.

For some women, ejaculation happens spontaneously—they may not know why, and it may only happen once or twice in their lives. Others find it happens with a lot of vaginal stimulation, as opposed to clitoral stimulation. 

Learning how to satisfy your partner sexually can be fun and rewarding. The idea of your partner ejaculating might seem exciting, but the goal is for you to figure out together what each of you wants and likes, and enjoy doing that.  For most women orgasms without ejaculation are just fine, and the pressure to experience an orgasm in one way versus another can be a major turn-off. 

- Emily at Planned Parenthood

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