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Will the morning-after pill work if I’m taking antibiotics? What about other kinds of birth control?

Someone asked us:

should I take plan b after unprotected sex if im on antibiotics?

And someone else asked us:

i’ve heard so much mixed information about how antibiotics can mess with the effectiveness of birth control pills. what’s actually the truth???

These are just two examples of the many questions we get about antibiotics and their effect on hormonal birth control (like the pill, patch, ring, shot, or emergency contraception). You’re right about the mixed information out there. 

Here’s the final word on antibiotics and birth control, once and for all:

Only one antibiotic is shown to make hormonal birth control less effective. That is rifampin, a special medication used to treat tuberculosis. The brand names for rifampin include Rifadin and Rimactane. Other antibiotics do not make hormonal birth control less effective. 

Check the label on your antibiotic prescription. If you’re taking an antibiotic that is not rifampin, you’re all good as long as you’re using your birth control method as directed. Same goes for the morning-after pill

-Emily at Planned Parenthood

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