My clitoris isn’t sensitive. Should I be worried?

Someone asked us: 

My clitoris is insensitive- it feels like I am touching any other part of the body. I do know my body quite well, and am able to achieve vaginal orgasms when masturbating, but I am a little worried about its insensitivity. Should I be worried?

Like any other part of the body, clitorises vary a ton from person to person, which means that there’s a huge range of clitoral sensitivity out there. Some people have really sensitive clits, and therefore have trouble with any direct stimulation, whether it be from hands, mouths, or whatever else. Some peoples’ clitorises demand super aggressive touching. And some people fall somewhere in between.  It’s nothing to worry about.

The clitoral hood, skin that covers and protects the clitoris, also varies from person to person, and can affect the sensitivity of the clit. Gently pulling back the clitoral hood can allow for more direct stimulation of your clitoris. You can also intentionally stimulate a clitoris through the clitoral hood if you’re aiming for less intense stimulation. 

So there isn’t any medical reason you should be worried about having an “insensitive” clit. From what it sounds like, you’ve got it pretty figured out when it comes to your body and having orgasms, and that’s really cool. You should feel awesome about that, not worried!

-Nina at Planned Parenthood