How Do I Know Which Condoms To Get When I Don’t Know a Potential Partner’s Size?


Someone asked us:

How does a girl stock up on condoms if she doesn’t know how big her potential partners would be? How do we know what size to get?

Dude, you are a HERO! Not only are you being proactive about your sexual health by stocking up on condoms, but you’re considerate of your partner(s) and their penises as well. 

While the vast majority of penises will fit comfortably in a standard condom, others might need bigger or smaller sizes. So why not keep a few of each around? It’s important for people to use the right size condom, not only for comfort, but to help prevent too-tight condoms from breaking, and too-loose condoms from slipping off.

Sometimes folks have to try a few different sizes and brands to find what works best for them. Bigger condoms are usually called “XL,” “Large,” “Magnum,” “King” or “Kyng,” “Maxi,” “Grande,” etc. Smaller condoms are often labeled “snugger fit,” “slim fit,” “true fit,” and “Beyond Seven” (a brand that runs slimmer). Some brands and websites even sell variety packs, so you can easily get a collection of different types and sizes.

While we’re talking variety, you might also want to consider having some non-latex condoms around in case you want to get busy with someone who has a latex allergy. Condoms made out of certain types of plastic, such as polyisoprene, polyurethane, and nitrile are great alternatives. (Steer clear of lambskin or animal skin condoms though, as they don’t provide STD or HIV protection.) Don’t forget about the trusty FC2 Female Condom® either, which is also latex-free (it’s made of nitrile). It’s worn inside the vagina or anus instead of fitting snugly over the penis, which penis-owners may find more comfortable. And adding extra water-based or silicone lube to any type of condom will reduce the chance of breakage and make sex more comfortable for both partners.

Long story short, most people will be able to use a basic condom just fine, but you’re a total safer sex superstar for being prepared for whatever penis you decide to whip out a condom for. Major high five, girlfriend! 

-Kendall at Planned Parenthood