Does birth control delay menopause?


Someone asked us:

If the birth control pill prevents your ovary from releasing an egg, and a woman only has a certain number of eggs stored in her body for her whole life, does that mean taking the pill will delay menopause in the future by making your eggs ‘last longer’? 

Nope! When a person starts menopause has to do mostly with genetics, and isn’t affected by birth control, pregnancy, or fertility treatments. 

The number of times you ovulate and the number of eggs you have has nothing to do with when you start menopause. If it did, we’d have a whole lot of people who’d been on birth control for decades starting menopause when they’re 90 years old, or never going through it at all – wouldn’t that be nice!

But there’s nothing you can really do to put off menopause.  It’s gonna happen when it happens. 

-Kendall at Planned Parenthood