Can you drink alcohol while on birth control?


 Someone asked us:

can you drink alcohol on birth control?

Yup. It’s safe to drink alcohol while on birth control, whether or not the method you use contains hormones. And booze won’t lessen the effectiveness of birth control, either. 

But don’t go busting out celebratory keg stands just yet. Being intoxicated may put you at risk for unplanned pregnancy if you’re too drunk to use your birth control method correctly (like forgetting to take your pill or change your ring), or if you barf within two hours of swallowing a birth control pill. Drinking can also thwart your willingness and ability to use condoms correctly, which can put you at risk for pregnancy AND STDs.

Bottom line is: birth control doesn’t have to kill your party buzz (and vice versa). But drinking responsibly – or not at all – is the best way to ensure you stay hangover AND pregnancy free. 

-Kendall at Planned Parenthood