Will swimming or exercise move the birth control implant?


Someone asked us:

I’m a swimmer and I wanted to get the birth control that you put in your arm but I’m afraid that the constant movement would either hurt or jiggle around the implant…

As a fellow swimmer I’m here to tell you, you are A-OK to get the implant — and so is anyone else who does an immense amount of exercise (I’m looking at you, CrossFit enthusiasts). Moving around a lot won’t shift it out of place.

In fact, having an intense exercise regimen might be the reason you’re a perfect fit for a LARC (Long Acting Reversible Contraceptive) like the implant or the IUD. Lots of practices or competitions away from home can get super hectic, and you might be more likely to forget to take a pill. LARCs are a great option for an on-the-go athlete who’s too busy smashing the competition to worry about whether they’ve remembered their birth control.

Just make sure you use condoms every time you have sex to prevent STDs and talk with your doctor about your workout routine before *ahem* diving into any new method of birth control.

-Chelsea @ Planned Parenthood