I don’t want kids for at least three years. What birth control should I use?


Someone asked us:

What’s the best birth control for a couple that plans on starting a family in three years, that’s not the pill?

Your best bet is to go with an IUD or an implant, which are the most effective forms of birth control available, last for a long time, and don’t require you to do anything once they’re in place. The implant and Skyla IUD last for three years, and the Mirena IUD lasts for five. If you’re trying to avoid hormones, the ParaGard IUD gives you up to 12 years of hormone-free pregnancy protection. Even though these methods last for a long time, you can get them removed whenever you want, and you’ll be able to get pregnant soon after.

If an IUD or implant doesn’t sound like your thing, there are other methods that use hormones similar to the pill, but you don’t have to deal with them daily. Birth control patches are changed once a week, NuvaRings are changed once a month, and the Depo shot is given once every three months. One of the greatest thing about birth control these days is that there are so many options!

 -Mylanie @ Planned Parenthood