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Can you use an IUD if you’ve never been pregnant?


Someone asked us…

Can you explain more about IUD? I know they’re designed for women who already had children, which can make them hurt for women who use them but have no children. Is there some equivalent option, or IUD for childless women?

IUDs are actually safe for most, whether or not you’ve had children. When IUDs first hit the market, they were only recommended for people who’d already given birth.

But since then, it’s been shown that IUDs are completely safe regardless of whether or not someone has given birth, and they’re actually highly recommended for almost anyone who doesn’t want to get pregnant anytime soon since they can last for years, require very little effort, and are extremely effective.

When I was a full time college student working three jobs to support the glamorous lifestyle of myself and a very cute but very needy three-legged cat, I could barely remember to eat breakfast, much less take a pill every day. That’s why birth control methods like the IUD are so great.

Don’t forget that IUDs won’t protect against STDs, so always use a condom as well.

Since I know you’re curious, behold, my cat:


-Kellie at Planned Parenthood

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