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How do you cut open a condom for oral sex?

Someone asked us:

In the last post about oral sex, it mentioned a cut-open condom for use. How does one go about cutting it and using it?

Here’s a textual/visual explanation of how this handy little craft project is done. You’re going to need a pair of scissors and a condom. First, tear open the condom wrapper and completely unroll it.

Next, carefully use a pair of scissors to cut straight down, all the way from the base of the condom (the elastic band) to the tip. Make sure not to poke any extra holes in the condom while you cut.

Now you’ve turned the condom into a rectangle of super stretchy plastic, which can be placed over the vulva for safer oral sex.

Voila! Enjoy!
-Alex at Planned Parenthood

Substituting the Morning-After Pill with Birth Control Pills

Someone asked us:

I was once told that if you can’t get the morning after pill that taking 5-7 days worth of the daily pill at once can be an acceptable substitute. Is that true?

Some brands of birth control pills can be used as emergency contraception, but not all of them. You can check out this chart to see what brands can be used and how to use them. (As a general rule, progestin-only birth control pills cannot be used as emergency contraception, only combination pills can.)

If you do use your birth control as emergency contraception, you should continue taking the rest of your pill pack as your normally would, but skip the placebo pills — your period week pills. Then continue on normally with the next pack. Your period might be irregular for the next month, but that’s totally normal.

- Nina at Planned Parenthood