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Do I have to take my NuvaRing out before I have sex? If I don’t will it come out during sex?


Someone asked us:

I use NuvaRing as my birth control method. But i was wondering, do I have to take it out when I have sex? And if I don’t, will it come out during sex?

The NuvaRing is designed to stay in your vagina during all of your normal activities, including sexy funfun times – so there’s no need to remove it.

Some people find that NuvaRing slips out every once in a while during sex, which is fine. And if you don’t want to have it in during sex that’s OK, too. Just rinse it off with cool or lukewarm water and pop that sucker back in ASAP after sex. 

Be careful though: if the ring is out for more than three hours, you’re at risk for pregnancy.

-Kendall at Planned Parenthood

Someone asked us:

Hello! I’ve been using the Nuvaring for a few months now, and I’ve had difficulty searching for the answer to my one question about it - is it safe to have an orgasm with it in? I’m just worried that it would hurt or get misplaced while having an orgasm. I know it’s a dumb question but I’m tired of having to take it out every time I have sex/masturbate. Thanks!


There are no dumb questions, we promise! Lots of people wonder about the logistics of having sex or masturbating with the birth control ring. The short answer is: yes, it’s totally safe to have an orgasm when you’re using the ring. The ring is held in place by the muscles in your vagina. The exact position of the ring doesn’t matter, as long as it’s in your vagina. While it’s possible for it to get pushed around during sex or masturbation, there’s really no risk that it could get “lost” – there’s nowhere for it to go. Even if the ring does get pushed farther into your vagina than usual, you should still be able to pull it out with your finger. It is possible for the ring to get pushed out of the vagina during sex or masturbation, so it’s a good idea to check that it’s still in there afterwards.

The ring shouldn’t make sex, masturbation, or orgasms hurt. In fact, you shouldn’t be able to feel it at all. If you’re experiencing pain when you have sex or masturbate with the ring in, you should definitely talk to your health care provider about it as soon as possible. 

If that’s not the case though, you can either leave it in or take it out for up to 3 hours for sex or masturbation, it’s totally up to you and what you feel most comfortable doing. Just keep in mind that if you leave it out for more than 3 hours, you should use a backup birth control method (like a condom) for the next seven days.

-Alex at Planned Parenthood

Sex and the Birth Control Ring

Someone asked us:

Q. If I use the birth control ring, will I need to make any preparations before sex? Will sex disturb the placement of the ring and make it dangerous or less effective?

No and No. Using the vaginal ring (brand name NuvaRing) is safe, simple, and convenient. There’s nothing to do right before having sex. Some women even say it improves their sex lives because it helps them feel more spontaneous.

The ring is very effective. You insert it, keep it in place for three weeks, take it out for one week (Oh hi, period), and then insert a new ring. Or you could use the ring every day without a one-week break to keep from getting your period. If you want to do that, you simply replace the ring every three weeks with a new ring.

Learn more about the NuvaRing on our website. Or check out the video below.

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